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Considering dental treatment abroad?

Thank you for visiting our website. Medical Tours Company is a renowned and respected dental tourism business, based in Romania and in the United Kingdom. Established in 2004, we deliver top level dentistry to over 1000 people from the UK every year. Click here to find out what our patients think of our services.

The best value at competitive prices

A number of factors set us apart, including our competitive prices for state-of-the-art dental treatment. We achieve amazing results for our patients and they are very happy with our work. As a company, we invest in the latest techniques and equipment, our dentists are highly skilled and we have our own dental laboratory, accredited by Amann Girbach. We are always striving to deliver the best value to our patients.

Dental implant

Complying with its ethos to provide only top quality service, Medical Tours Company together with Biotech (French company that produces dental implants), offer the entire range of implants and complimentary surgery: Immediate load dental implant | Dental implant with two-stage application | Uni-dental implant | Dental implant bridge | Dental Implant prosthetics | Sinus lift | Bone reconstruction (bone graft).

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Your treatment, your choice

You have two choices when it comes to receiving your individualised treatment plan, which is the blueprint of your dental treatment. You can travel to our clinic in Pitesti, Romania, for a consultation or it can be done in our partner clinic in the United Kingdom, in London.
Abroad - For the amount of £199 you receive a roundtrip ticket from London to Bucharest, airport transfers, 2 nights in a 3 stars hotel accommodation. At the clinic, you will receive a dental check-up, x-rays and a treatment plan. If you choose our clinic for your dental treatments, the £199 will be discounted from your treatment plan, making this service free of charge.
Local – Should you prefer to have a dental consultation in England, we have a partner clinic in London, where you can also have your follow-up appointments. Although the appointment is not free of charge, should you accept the treatment plan offered, this initial cost will be deducted. This appointment includes a dental mirror, a set of protocol photos, x-rays and your treatment plan.

*We can also evaluate recent treatment plans and X-rays received via e-mail under certain circumstances and provide a financial plan.

Reasons to choose Medical Tours:

  • We are flexible and help our patients by taking into account their specific needs and goals.
  • We have a team of 36 people who ensure that each service is delivered to the highest standards.
  • Our prices are more affordable than in Poland and Hungary.
  • Since 2004, our team has been developing its expertise in the field of medical tourism.
  • Over 1000 patients from Western Europe and the USA choose our clinic for their dental treatments every year.
  • We are constantly investing in high-tech dental equipment and dental services.
  • We offer patients the possibility of an initial dental consultation in England.
  • Our patients can have follow up appointments in our UK partner clinic.
  • We guarantee all treatments done in our clinic.

Your trust, our guarantee

In dentistry, as in medicine, it can be a challenge to guarantee any services provided. To give our patients peace of mind we have developed an approach of individualised insurance for every case. This not only provides a guarantee for the dental treatment received, but it also covers the additional costs of accommodation, meals and transportation. Your MTC dental travel assistant will calculate your insurance once your treatment plan has been established. What you get is world class dental treatment that is individually insured. Call us today on 0800 012 6044!

Unique Guarantee System

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